The Art of Arranging Bookshelves Wed/12/2018

I love books! Reading aloud, or silently, possessing them, and yes, arranging and displaying them. Books can make a house a home and add character to a room.

Start by clearing the shelves completely, then grouping sizes, colours and subjects. I also collect magazines, Vogue being a particular favourite (I even have a few copies from the 60’s). Sometimes one has to be brutal and recycle collections that grow too high! I love it when there is a whole year of monthly editions with all the spines matching in style. (How sad am I?) they look great just piled up! The Oxfam book and charity shops have wonderful and varied collections of books in all varieties of subjects, photography from years gone by, architecture, biographies, cookery, the subjects are endless. I recently bought a set of Sotheby’s auction catalogues for 50p each, in perfect condition from a street fair!

A good starting point is to arrange the largest books with the same colour spines together, also using collections of hardbacks, and paperbacks in size and colour together sometimes lying them on their side or piling them up in a tower. Plants look great, along with photographs. Try and keep the photograph frames in matching colours and style. It takes time to arrange everything until you are completely satisfied with the whole new look of your shelves, and a new book can cause havoc with the display!

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The Art of Arranging Bookshelves